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11/03/2018 - Jason Ngan
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10/27/2018 - Jason Ngan
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09/08/2018 - Jason Ngan
This semester, we're going to do a group project! In order to work together, we're going to try some tools that professionals use: Bitbucket and SourceTree.

Together, these form our Source Control. Source Control is useful for a variety of reasons:
- it allows developers to work separately at the same time and merge their work together
- it allows developers to revert back to a previous state if something goes terribly and irreversibly wrong

BitBucket is like Dropbox, it's a storage space in the "cloud". SourceTree is a program on your computer, which connects to BitBucket and allows you to "pull" or "push" changes to BitBucket.

"Pulling" means to get changes FROM the "cloud". "Pushing" means to send your changes TO the "cloud". Always remember to pull before you push, otherwise if BitBucket gets two different versions of the project, it doesn't know which to use.

Homework: Download SourceTree and Unity 2018.2.8f1 (this exact version) and push a .txt file with your name on it.

Bonus: Create an empty C# Script with your name on it and push it.

09/15/2018 - Jason Ngan
This week, we're continuing our lesson on Source Control, and practicing pushing and pulling.

If you open SourceTree and attempt to push, you notice that you will need to create a Commit. A Commit takes the changes that you did, and puts it into an intermediary space between your computer and the "cloud". You only send your changes to the "cloud", and for your fellow developers to download, when you push.

To make best use of Source Control, make sure to make incremental small changes and Commit them. Treat them as small save points, like playing a video game. If you ever make an unrepairable mistake - or lose power to your game console - then you lose less progress if you save constantly. There are a few key points:
- do not Commit broken code: if you push this to your fellow developers and break their projects, then all progress grinds to a halt
- make detailed comments in your Commit! If you leave it blank, the other developers will only see what files were altered, but have no idea what you did.

Again: Remember to pull before you push! If two people make changes to Player.cs, which version does BitBucket use as the main project? It has no idea. This is where the concept of Merging comes in. If someone makes a change to code that you were working on, you have to pull those changes first, incorporate (merge) them with what you did, then push the resolved/updated version to the "cloud".

Homework: A Unity project is now in the "cloud". Pull it, create an empty C# file with your name on it, then push it.

Bonus: Design the basic framework of the game.

09/22/2018 - Jason Ngan
Work week!

09/29/2018 - Jason Ngan
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